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How to use medical oxygen generator


Now more and more families will prepare a medical oxygen generator for old friends in case of emergency.How to use the medical oxygen generator?When is the appropriate time for oxygen inhalation?Can it be used before bed to solve the problem of hypoxia at night?Can I also supplement oxygen after lunch?So many questions,let's answer them together today.

When is the appropriate time for oxygen inhalation?This is also a problem.Before answering this question,first of all,we should know what time of day people are prone to hypoxia.Blood oxygen saturation(SpO2)is an important physiological parameter of respiration and circulation,which is constantly changing throughout the day.Generally,blood oxygen saturation is low before bedtime and after lunch.

For many middle-aged and elderly friends,the period of low blood oxygen saturation is also a dangerous period of hypoxia.During this time period,oxygen can be supplied by medical oxygen generator,which can effectively alleviate the hypoxia at night.Therefore,oxygen supplement before going to bed at night and after lunch are both suitable time for oxygen inhalation.

Supplying oxygen before going to bed can solve the problem of lack of oxygen at night.For middle-aged and elderly people,the health care effect of oxygen inhalation before bedtime is as good as possible,and it can effectively prevent and treat accidents at night and in the early morning(note:the incidence of heart disease and cerebral thrombosis is high at night and in the early morning).For middle-aged people who are busy and affect sleep,due to the sedative effect of oxygen,they can also effectively improve sleep.

Take the patient as an example,the time of oxygen inhalation is longer.Putting the time of oxygen inhalation at night can not only achieve oxygen inhalation and sleep at the same time,but also ensure that the patient's daytime activity time is not squeezed,reduce the time of bed rest,and greatly reduce the risk of pulmonary embolism,muscle atrophy,etc.caused by long-term bed rest.

Take oxygen after lunch.Why is it a good time to take oxygen after lunch?Because the blood oxygen saturation is low during this period.In addition,after eating,the workload of the stomach and intestines will increase,and the amount of blood flowing into the stomach and intestines will increase,while the blood supply of other parts,such as the brain,will be insufficient,resulting in hypoxia.Therefore,after lunch is also a good time for oxygen supplement.

Of course,the time and frequency of each oxygen inhalation are also particular.The specific requirements should follow the doctor's advice to avoid blindly pursuing the oxygen supply with high concentration and high flow for a long time.Chronic mild hypoxia mainly causes organ compensatory response;Acute severe hypoxia mainly causes organ dysfunction and compensatory insufficiency,and even irreversible damage to important organs,leading to body death.

At present,the elderly,pregnant women,white-collar workers and examinees are all people who are vulnerable to severe hypoxia.With the development of science and technology,the medical oxygen generator is becoming more and more mature in oxygen production technology,the body is becoming smaller and smaller,and the function is becoming more and more perfect,which also brings more convenience to people's life.

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