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Typical application of PSA pressure swing adsorption nitrogen production system


Nitrogen is usually a colorless and odorless gas with a melting point of 63 K, a boiling point of 77 K, and a critical temperature of 126 K. At 283 K under atmospheric pressure, a volume of water can dissolve 0.02 volume of nitrogen. Generally, nitrogen is less dense than air. Nitrogen accounts for 78.08% of the total air volume and is one of the main components of air. Under standard atmospheric pressure, when nitrogen is cooled to - 195.8 ℃, it becomes colorless liquid, and when it is cooled to - 209.8 ℃, liquid nitrogen becomes snow-like solid. Due to the chemical inertness of nitrogen, it is often used as a protective gas, such as melon and fruit, food, and bulb filling. In order to prevent some objects from being oxidized when exposed to the air, filling the granary with nitrogen can prevent the grain from mildewing and sprouting, and keep it for a long time. Liquid nitrogen can also be used as a deep refrigerant. As a refrigerant, it is often used in the operation of removing spots, bags, beans, etc. in the hospital, that is, the spots, bags, beans, etc. are frozen off, but it is prone to scar and is not recommended. High purity nitrogen is used as carrier gas for chromatograph and other instruments. It is used as a bright annealing protective gas for copper tubes. It is used as the laser gas of laser cutting machine together with high-purity helium and high-purity carbon dioxide. It can be seen that nitrogen engines are widely used in all walks of life. Our PSA nitrogen generation system has made great improvement on the basis of the traditional nitrogen generator. It is composed of a series of components such as air compressor, air buffer tank, filter group, nitrogen generator, and nitrogen buffer tank. Its technology evolves first, its process is precise, and its process is systematic, which has won the unanimous praise of users from all walks of life. Typical applications 1. Electronic industry: nitrogen protection for semiconductor and electronic component production 2. Heat treatment: bright annealing, protective heating, powder metallurgy and magnetic material sintering 3. Coal industry: underground explosion prevention, coal field fire prevention and fire extinguishing, and nitrogen injection fracturing 4. Chemical industry: nitrogen covering, replacement, cleaning, pressure transmission, chemical reaction, agitation, chemical fiber production protection, etc. 5. Oil and gas industry: oil refining Nitrogen filling purging and leak detection of vessels and pipelines, nitrogen injection sampling and oil well nitrogen injection (gas drive) 6. Pharmaceutical industry: nitrogen filling storage of Chinese and western medicines, starting and transmission of nitrogen filling materials, etc. 7. Aerospace industry 8. Rubber industry 9. Food industry, etc.

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