After sale


Shaanxi natong Machinery Technology Co., Ltd

Building 2, Qinhan entrepreneurship center, Xixian New District, Shaanxi Province


Service policy

Accurate information,quick response,effective processing,user satisfaction;


The service goal

Service on time rate≥90%;User satisfaction≥85%;User complaint rate(true service responsibility)<3%.

If there is any problem with the supporting products,please contact the supporting manufacturers in time and give the users a clear reply within 8 hours.

Product failure of the company:if the service radius is within 300km,it shall arrive at the site within 24 hours for handling and solving;If the service radius is more than 300km,it shall arrive at the site within 48 hours for settlement;


The service content

1.According to the requirements of the contract and technical agreement,during the warranty period,repair or replace the corresponding spare parts for the user free of charge if the product's manufacturing,assembly,material and other quality problems cause various faults or parts damage;

2.For the products beyond the warranty period,the company shall provide quotation(including spare parts,personnel travel,etc.)at the cost of quick and decisive troubleshooting,so as to satisfy the users;

3.For the installation and debugging required in the contract,organize the personnel to install and debug the product and train the user's staff within the specified time;

4.Regularly organized staff to visit key sales areas and key customers,understood the use of products,and solicited users'opinions on product design,assembly,process and other aspects;


General principles of service work

1.Every employee in relevant departments of the company shall actively respond to customer complaints and receive them politely.

2.When receiving customer complaints,strictly implement the process within the company,deal with them quickly,solve them as soon as possible,and reply to customers as soon as possible.

3.In case of any dispute,special persons shall be responsible for the coordination according to the relevant provisions of the contract.