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Common troubleshooting methods for oxygen concentrator


Many failure problems often occur during the use of the domestic oxygen generator,many of which are often caused by improper operation.In order to help users better use the oxygen generator for oxygen therapy,we will teach you the troubleshooting methods

★ The machine does not run,but the power indicator light is on:

Cause:The compressor is overheated,which causes the compressor to open overheat protection and stop automatically.

Troubleshooting:If the machine does not shut down for a long time,it will shut down suddenly one day and can run again after the machine is shut down and cooled.This is because the compressor has been working for a long time,which causes the compressor to overheat,so that the compressor will open the overheat protection and automatically shut down.Therefore,we should try to avoid the machine working continuously for a long time without stopping,and it is better to run for 12 hours and stop for 30 minutes.

★ The machine is running,but there is no oxygen output,the flowmeter floats at the bottom or a certain position,and the flowmeter knob is not adjusted:

Cause:1.The humidified bottle core is blocked by scale and is not ventilated;2.The flowmeter knob is closed or damaged.


1.Turn on the power switch of the oxygen machine to make the machine run.Unscrew the humidification bottle and check whether the flow meter float is adjustable.If it is adjustable,the humidification bottle core is blocked by scale.Open the hole of the humidification bottle core with a needle.On the contrary,check the flow meter swirl;

2.Turn the flowmeter knob anticlockwise to see if the flowmeter knob rod rotates with it.If not,the flowmeter will be damaged.Contact the manufacturer's maintenance personnel to replace or repair the flowmeter.

The customer obviously feels small when using it:

Cause:1.The humidification bottle leaks;

Troubleshooting:Turn on the power switch of the oxygen machine and set the flowmeter to the position of 3 liters.Close the oxygen outlet end of the humidification bottle by hand.The flow meter float should move downward.At the same time,the humidification bottle will emit wheezing sound(the safety valve is open).Otherwise,the humidification bottle will leak.Tighten the bottle or replace the humidification bottle;


The machine is not running and the power indicator is not on.

Cause:the power supply is not connected;

Troubleshooting:check whether the power socket is powered on,whether the fuse is damaged,and whether the power line is broken.

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