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Cleaning and routine maintenance of oxygen concentrator


How to do daily maintenance for oxygen concentrator?I believe that the shopping guide must have taught me when buying,but some people may forget that if they want to extend the life of the home oxygen generator,daily maintenance is essential.

1.Cleaning of housing

Generally,the shell of the oxygen generator should be cleaned once a month.When cleaning,pay attention to cut off the power supply to prevent electric shock.When scrubbing,use a clean and soft cloth and dip a small amount of disinfectant to slowly wipe the shell.Be sure to pay attention to the gap of the shell and not let water flow in.

2.Cleaning of humidification bottle

Generally,the distilled water or cold boiled water in the humidification bottle of the oxygen concentrator should be replaced every day.The humidification bottle should be cleaned once a week,first with light detergent,and then with clean water to ensure the quality of oxygen.When cleaning the humidification bottle,pay attention to clean the core tube and the filter element at the bottom of the bottle to ensure the oxygen is unblocked.

3.Replacement of fuse tube

The replacement of the fuse tube of the oxygen concentrator is also an important procedure for the maintenance of the oxygen concentrator.First,you must unplug the power cord,cut off all power supplies,and then replace it according to the instructions of each oxygen concentrator fuse tube.

4.Cleaning of oxygen pipe

Generally,the oxygen tube of the oxygen concentrator should be cleaned every three days.The nose aspirator on the oxygen tube should be cleaned after each use.It can be soaked in 5%potassium permanganate solution for 5 minutes and then cleaned with clean water,or wiped with medical alcohol.It is recommended to replace the oxygen pipe every 2 months.It should be noted that the oxygen tube should be kept dry without water droplets.

5.Cleaning of filter screen

The cleaning of the filter screen can protect the compressor and molecular sieve of our oxygen generator,and also extend the service life of the machine,so please clean or replace it in time.It should be noted that the oxygen generator is not allowed to operate when the filter screen is not installed.

To sum up,generally speaking,when cleaning and maintaining the oxygen generator,it is better to have a comprehensive understanding of the oxygen generator before starting.Please carefully read the instructions of the home oxygen generator you bought,and then start cleaning and maintaining the oxygen generator.This will make cleaning more convenient.

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