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What should be paid attention to when using household ventilator and oxygen generator at the same time


As we all know,domestic respirators and ventilators are commonly used medical equipment in our family.However,many people often confuse these two kinds of equipment.Both of them can improve respiratory conditions.What is the difference between oxygen generators and ventilators?When do oxygen generators and ventilators work together?What should we pay attention to when using domestic ventilator and oxygen generator at the same time?

Household ventilator

1、The difference between oxygen generator and respirator:oxygen generator is a safe and convenient machine for extracting high concentration of pure oxygen,pure physical oxygen generation,which uses PSA pressure swing adsorption technology,and becomes high purity oxygen after purification.It has no breathing mode to choose,and is suitable for long-term family"oxygen therapy"rehabilitation care.

Ventilator is a device that can replace or improve human respiration,increase lung ventilation,and improve respiratory function.It is used to assist or control the inspiratory and expiratory functions of human body.It is generally used for patients with lung failure or airway obstruction who cannot breathe normally.To help the patient complete the breathing process of exhaling and inhaling.It has a variety of breathing modes(various modes of gas delivery by the ventilator)to choose from.

2、When do oxygen generators and ventilators work together?For serious diseases such as cardiorespiratory disease and heart failure,it is necessary to use an oxygen generator with a ventilator to treat the disease.At this time,oxygen use is a highly professional means of rehabilitation treatment,including the flow,concentration,frequency and time of use should follow the advice and guidance of professional medical personnel.

3、What should we pay attention to when selecting the oxygen generator used with the ventilator?When using with the ventilator,it is necessary to inhale oxygen with high flow first.The oxygen concentrator used should have a flow of 5L,8L,or even 10L,and should be able to operate continuously for a long time,even for 24 hours.Therefore,the oxygen generator must be able to operate for a long time,even 24 hours and 365 days.

Secondly,the parameter requirements of oxygen generator,internal configuration,oxygen output pressure,oxygen purity,oxygen output stability,etc.must meet the standards of medical aid.Ventilators can help people breathe,but can not effectively improve the hypoxia state of the human body,while oxygen concentrators can improve the oxygen content and oxygen reserve in the blood,maintain the oxygen saturation in the human body in a healthy state,and then improve the metabolic capacity and immunity of the human body.For more serious diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and heart failure,the use of oxygen concentrators and ventilators together will achieve a better therapeutic effect!

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